Men's cut

Enjoy an individually tailored consultation, shampoo massage, condition, creative cut and finish from our skilled team of creative stylists

Graduate Stylist £25
Creative Stylist Level 1 £30
Level 2 £35
Level 3 £35
Level 4 £40
Salon Director Robert Eaton £50

Men’s Colour

Natural grey blending- Quickly and discreetly blends grey to be less noticable. Hair appears thicker and fuller with results lasting from cut to cut, prices from £15

Colour contrasting - Customised just for you, natural looking results that add structure, texture and definition to your hair cut, prices from £20

Prices available on application for smoothing and straightening services available, prices are determined upon an individual consultation.

Men’s Hair Removal

Eyebrow wax/thread & shape £12
Half arm £17
Full arm £22
Chest £25
Back From £25

*Please let us know if you are using doctor-prescribed skincare products or taking any medication so that we can check for contraindications.

Mens Facials

Customised by our skin care specialists for your skin care needs - cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate for instant results, visit our facials menu for more details of our spa treatments for men and women.