The Stages of Balayage

Balayage is most definitely a colour journey, where our team will work with you to create the perfect look to enhance skin tone, hair style and texture. This can take up to three individual visits, or why not book one of our experts to spend a full, or half day, to create a one-on-one hair colour experience?

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What we can achieve?

At Russell Eaton we want our clients to achieve the very best from their hair colour experience. Our team have been trained to the highest standard – not only to consider your hair texture and condition – but also your lifestyle, skin tone, and eye colour. Our hair services are just as bespoke as you are and we are proud to be able to create a colour service perfect for your needs and maintenance expectations.

Before committing to a particular colour route, it is important to consider the following:

  • Skin Tone and Eye Colour

    Your features are a huge consideration when thinking about a new, of different hair colour choice. Our stylists will guide you to the most suitable colour palette to complement and enhance your skin tone and eye colour.

  • Maintenance

    Bright, vibrant colours can fade quickly and can require top up appointments more frequently than every 6 – 8 weeks. Various lighter and darker colours will give you a regrowth that will require maintenance appointments every 4 – 8 weeks.

  • Achievability

    Some colours are unfortunately unachievable in one salon visit and it may be that you have to visit several times to build up to the required level of blonde, or colour, for the result you desire. Our team can work with you to create a dramatic colour change however it may require a half, or full day appointment. Our skilled technicians can work with you over different applications of colour until you reach your desired look. Half day rate – from £250, full day rate – from £500

  • Perfect Product

    Finding the perfect colour product is essential and we have an extensive portfolio of colours perfectly designed to create the correct colour for you.

  • Skin Sensitivity and Hair Testing

    We appreciate that patch testing can seem like an inconvenience, but it is an essential part of any hair colour experience. Your safety is paramount, and we want you to enjoy the very best hair colour service with the confidence that your skin and hair are protected from colour reaction, irritation, or damage.

  • Instagram-Ready Colour

    We love to see client ‘selfies’ and understand that we live in a world of social media. However, this can become difficult when working with hair colour as many images clients bring into the salon are taken from sites – such as Instagram – where filters have been applied. Filters change the natural look of the hair, sometimes creating images that are totally unachievable. In fact, many of these images are retouched and produce an unrealistic image of what can be created. We ask our clients to be aware of ‘Instagram Ready’ colour when considering colour choices and to be aware of what your hair texture is capable of. Lighting can play a big part in how hair colour can look, with both daylight and artificial light making your hair colour look different.

  • How you wear your hair

    How you wear your hair can have a big impact on how your hair colour will be showcased. For example, many balayage looks are shown with waves and texture which can make your hair colour look very different. Also, when worn down, balayage or free hand colour will show lots of blonde colour, however when worn up much of this lighter colour can be hidden and very often you will feel more like a brunette than a blonde.

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Balayage pricing

From £150 (all levels)

All of our balayage services include the latest technology in hair colour; plex strength and protection, finishing glaze and nourishing hair treatments – additional toners may be required.

Balayage can often take more than one visit to create your desired look and level of blonde, all visits are established by consultation and help us to create a truly bespoke hair colour experience. Our colour services include more than one technician to create the perfect colour result and to monitor the processing times.

Full and half day balayage experiences are available to provide several colour applications in one visit-  why not book one of our experts to spend a full, or half day, to create a one-on-one hair colour experience? Price on consultation

Please note – Prices change dependant on the level of technician that you book with – please ensure you have booked with the technician that has carried out your consultation for the very best results.

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