Achieve perfectly polished fingers and toes with our range of treatments and finishes, leaving your nails beautifully healthy and pristinely manicured.

Manicure and Pedicure

Achieve perfectly polished fingers and toes with our range of treatments and finishes, leaving your nails beautifully healthy and pristinely manicured.

From polishes and pedicures to gels, our exclusive Russell Eaton Nail Bar will give you a look and finish tailored to your own personal style. Not sure which style will suit you? Our expert technicians will provide you with an individual consultation to talk you through our wide range of treatments.

Refresh Manicure - £26
Incorporating cuticle work, nail shaping, hand and arm massage and polish application.

Refresh Pedicure - £30
Incorporating foot refresh, shaping, cuticle minimising and application of foot cream and polish.

Luxury Pedicure - £48
After cuticle work and nail shaping, the feet are exfoliated to remove traces of hard skin. Following a foot scrub, a nourishing foot mask is applied before the feet are eased into warm booties for 15 minutes. The treatment ends with a foot and leg massage treatment and a polish of your choice.

Luxury Manicure - £42
After cuticle work and nail shaping, the hands are treated to a gentle scrub to enhance and improve skin texture. A moisturising mask is then applied and the hands are eased into warm mitts for 15 minutes before finishing with a hand and arm massage and polish of your choice.

Please allow 15-20 minutes drying time. We ask that you bring appropriate footwear when coming in for a pedicure, for example open-toed shoes or flip flops.

Nail Enhancements


Gelcolor by OPI is an LED manicure system that allows your nails to stay healthy and strong, maintaining the chic shine of a salon service. Gelcolor is applied like polish, dries in 30 seconds, and lasts for upto 2 – 3 weeks.

OPI Gelcolor (Hands or Feet) - £32

OPI Gelcolor Removal and Re-Application - £37

OPI Gelcolor Removal and Application of OPI Nail Envy (Hands or Feet) - £10

OPI Gelcolor and Refresh Pedicure - £48


Gelcolor is a treatment designed to give healthy natural nails extended colour.

Before Treatment:

  • Weak, damaged nails will not gain the same results, Nail Envy & Cuticle Oil should be used for 2 weeks prior to application.
  • Cuticle Oil should be used by all customers before & after treatment to keep the natural nail healthy and strong.
  • Expect the product to last upto two weeks. Many will say it lasts two weeks, many will say the product has lasted longer.

After Treatment:

• Do not go swimming for 24 hours or have a long soak in the bath

• Do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning

• Do not pick or peel the gel off as this damages natural nails

• Continue to use Cuticle Oil after treatment

Removal of GelColor:

  • GelColor must be removed using Expert Touch, not pure acetone as this dehydrates and strips the nail plate of moisture which over time will cause the natural nail to become weak and brittle. Expert touch contains moisturisers and aloe so it is much kinder when removing GelColor.
  • Do not pull GelColor off as this takes off layers of the natural nail causing them to become weak and damaged.
  • Once removed continue using Cuticle Oil.
  • Customers not re-applying gel should use Nail Envy to keep their nails strong and healthy.

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